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You can book Reserve items using Library Search | Ketu.

Books and journals held on Reserve are available for two-hour loans and DVDs for three hours.

  • Find what's on Reserve for your course by entering the course code (e.g. BSNS103) into the Search box.
  • Click 'Search' and you'll see everything on Reserve for that course in the results list.
  • Choose the item you want to book - if there are several editions, make sure you pick the one that's held at Reserve.
  • Click on 'Available in the Library'. Sign in to see 'Request Options' - click on 'Request'.
  • Choose the 'booking' option, and then check availability.
  • Bookings need to start and end on the same day and be for two hours (three for DVDs) or less.
  • When you've submitted your request, you'll see a message if your booking was successful.
  • Remember to sign out when you're done!

You might also find this step-by-step video helpful: Finding, borrowing and booking Reserve items.


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