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Most books will automatically renew a few days before they are due. You don’t need to do anything as our Library system will renew books up to three times before they need to be returned. We will send you email notices when your books are renewed and when they need to be returned. Remember that all Library notices are sent to your institutional email address.

There are some exceptions to automatic renewal:

  • Items on Reserve or three day loan
  • Recalled items
  • Theses
  • Hocken material
  • If you have unpaid library fines over the maximum limit
  • Interloans need to be renewed via the Interloan service

You can check the status of your library loans by signing in to your library account.

  • Click on My Library account (just under the search box on the Library home page).
  • Click on My Account to see your loans and due dates.

If a book has been recalled by another library user, we email you a new due date. You’ll need to return the book to the library within 14 days of the recall notice to avoid fines. 

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